Live In Manager Position

Posted By: Robert Carroll (Member) Job Board,

Sunshine Inn Live In Manager Position Requirements

This option would waive entire rent

  1. Two site runs per day
    1. Usually early morning and late at night
    2. Pick up trash
    3. Inspect property
    4. Dump trash cans
    5. List any repairs needed
    6. Open/close gate for garbage pickup on scheduled day
  2. Perform Make Readies
    1. Clean out units
    2. Inventory and store personal belongings as needed
    3. Paint, clean and prep unit for occupancy
    4. Make minor repairs
    5. Issue work orders to the Director of Operations for larger work items
  3. Tenant Management
    1. Prepare leases and work with residents for their recertifications, lease up, etc.
    2. Meet with residents as needed
    3. Set up and maintain AA/NA meetings
    4. Open and Close office/library as needed
  4. Maintenance
    1. Perform on-call maintenance – minor repairs
    2. Change door and mail box locks
    3. Maintain site and buildings for curb appeal
      1. Touch up Paint
      2. Repairs
  • Lighting
  1. Etc.
  1. Meet with contractors as needed
    1. Pest control
    2. Fire extinguisher company
  • Etc.

Please note that this is not an all inclusive list and may be adjusted by the Director of Operations as needed.


Please contact for more info:

Ronald W. Hall

Director of Operations

Alachua County Housing Authority

703 NE 1st Street

Gainesville, FL 32601

(352)372-2549 ext 512 office

(352) 373-4097 fax