Annual Holiday Party & A.C.E. Awards

NCFAA Annual Holiday Party and A.C.E Awards

Come and celebrate the holiday season and excellence in our industry with NCFAA! Every December, in conjunction with our holiday party, NCFAA holds the annual A.C.E. (Apartment Community Excellence) awards event. Join us as we celebrate the seasons greetings and recognizes the absolute best that our industry has to offer.

A.C.E. Award Categories

  • Student Community of the Year
  • Conventional Community of the Year
  • New Community of the Year
  • Renovated Community of the Year
  • Property Manager of the Year
  • Assistant Manager of the Year
  • Leasing Professional of the Year
  • Service Professional of the Year
  • Service Manager of the Year
  • Supplier of the Year (person)
  • Corp Support Staff (Accountant, HR, Area Mgr, Marketing)


Award nominations are open to all NCFAA member communities, management communities and staff. Nominations are for those who exemplify the "best" of their profession and industry. All award winner are selected by a third party association that is outside of the state of Florida to avoid any hint of partiality. Winners are chosen solely by the information that is provided by the nominator on the nomination form along with the supporting documentation.

2017 Annual Holiday Party & A.C.E. Awards Recap

2017 A.C.E. Award Winners

  • New Community of the Year: The Standard at Gainesville, Landmark Properties
  • Conventional Community of the Year: Lake Crossing Apartments, Contemporary Management Concepts
  • Student Community of the Year: Towne Parc Apartments, Gator Investments
  • Renovated Community of the Year: Huntington Lakes Apartments, Contemporary Management Concepts
  • Property Manager of the Year: Michelle Lopez, The Collier Companies
  • Assistant Manager of the Year: Samantha Gaddis, Contemporary Management Concepts
  • Leasing Professional of the Year: Sarah Balangue, Gator Investments
  • Service Manager of the Year: Chris Deweese, Contemporary Management Concepts
  • Service Professional of the Year: Wade Bass, The Collier Companies
  • Corporate Support Staff Person of the Year: Shannon Claunch, Contemporary Management Concepts
  • Supplier of the Year: Jorge Villalobos, The Best Restoration

2017 Volunteers of the Year

  • Property Management: Libby Bridges, Mid-America Apartments
  • Associate Member: Patrick Carbery, First Place Fitness Equipment

2017 Photo Recap

2017 Holiday Party Photo Album