Wildflower Apartments - Maintenance Tech Opening

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The Maintenance Technician is a member of the Maintenance staff working directly with the Maintenance Supervisor and the office staff to provide world class service to our residents. The Maintenance Technician is a “hands on” professional whose goal is to make sure everything is working right every day. The Maintenance Technician displays effective communication and organizational skills. Must be able to receive and follow detailed instructions. Must be knowledgeable and comply with all Fair Housing and ADA laws and regulations. The role of Maintenance Technician requires a strong sense of urgency and a commitment to excellence for the care of the fine details. This role is vital to the company's success and involves the technical repairs of the interior and exterior of the apartment community and its amenities. A passion for the fields of maintenance and customer service are key roles in this position. 


SUPERVISED BY: Community Manager/Maintenance Supervisor 


Apartment/Community Maintenance 

1. Performs preventive maintenance on exteriors touch up paint, stucco, wood repair, A/C coil/filters, smoke detectors, flush hot water heaters, irrigation checks, electrical checks, and roof repairs 

2. Perform the turn maintenance for vacant apartments. Examples of turn maintenance include caulking, checking all appliances and plumbing, rekeying locks, etc.

3. Performs grounds maintenance including picking up trash, cleaning hallways and pressure washing. 

4. Maintains and repairs irrigation system, as applicable. 

5. Tests smoke alarms and fire sprinkler system, and maintains required logs. Checks extinguishers and alarm systems on a regular basis. 

6. Changes locks and replaces keys. 

Emergency Maintenance On Call 

1. Serving in an emergency on call rotation is a requirement of this position 

Preventative Maintenance 

1. Monitor exterior of buildings for issues with roof, siding, shutters, etc. 

2. Maintain company provided equipment such as pressure washer, lawn equipment, tools and other supplies, golf cart. 

Pool Maintenance (maintain accuracy, even if not primary job responsibility) 

1. Test pool water and record findings at least daily (frequency dependent on season) 

2. Clean skimmer baskets 

3. Vacuum pool 

4. Clean out baskets in pump room 

5. Refill chlorinator as needed (CPO certified only) 

6. Take pool water samples for testing as scheduled 

7. Add chemicals as needed (CPO certified only) 

8. Check filtration system is working adequately 

9. Clean pool tiles and other surfaces as needed Supplies and Safety Procedures Organize and maintain cleanliness in shop area as well as any other common maintenance work spaces 

1. Maintain adequate supplies by ensuring accurate inventory. 

2. Practice fiscal responsibility by ordering responsibly and searching for the best price for supplies and equipment 

3. Maintain chemicals and/or hazardous materials in the proper manner 

4. Practice workplace safety 

Required Work Hours 

Though routine and pre-scheduled work hours will be provided, this position requires the ability to work any of the seven days of the week, 52 weeks of the year. Due to the community staffing limitations, it is essential that individuals be able to work their scheduled hours on a consistent basis and, if necessary, work extra hours when requested in order to complete job functions and serve the needs of the residents. Conflicts with additional employment or education classes cannot take priority over required work hours with Epoch. Position requires the ability to serve on-call, as scheduled or as necessary. 

Required Education, Training and/or Experience 

High School or equivalent required, Bachelor's Degree is preferred. Must have a valid driver’s license and be able to drive. Effective communication and customer service skills required, as well as the ability to interact with others in a team environment. HVAC Certification required – Type I and II at minimum Possesses own tools & a/c gauges in order to perform technical maintenance tasks. (Specific list provided upon request) Specific Skills or Knowledge Requirements Skills Strong professionalism, communication and “people skills” Possess and apply common sense understanding and good judgment Well organized with ability to prioritize and multi-task Handle stressful, urgent, diverse situations in a calm and reasonable manner Team oriented with ability to work independently on occasion Verbal, math and reasoning skills Must maintain reliable transportation, valid driver’s license, and valid vehicle insurance. Extensive skills dealing with the repair of plumbing, appliances, electrical systems & HVAC systems as well as other general type repairs (repairing screens, locks, etc.) 

Typical Physical Demands 

Clarity of vision, with or without corrective lenses, required for 100% of the job functions. Must be able to Stand, walk, stoop, and bend and climb stairs and for several consecutive hours and throughout the day. Must be able to lift up to 25 pounds unassisted, including ability to lift this weight overhead, lift up to 50 pounds to approximately waist level, carry up to 50 pounds without rest for a short distance, and push/pull up to 100 pounds without rest for a short distance. Positon requires repetitive use of the fingers, hands, wrists, arms, feet, ankles, knees and legs. Repetitive bending, turning, twisting, kneeling, squatting, crawling, climbing, reaching out, reaching up, grasping and pinching are also essential functions. The amount of time the employee spends doing the physical activities listed above varies each day. Each physical requirement listed is an essential function of this job. Inability to do any of these tasks is severely detrimental to the company's operations. Typical Mental Demands Must be able to speak, read, and write the English language in a professional, legible manner in order to complete job assignments. Must possess, and be able to use and apply common sense understanding and use good judgment on a daily basis. Must be able to work well with others. Must be able to handle stressful, urgent, diverse situations in a calm and reasonable manner. Must possess excellent interpersonal skills, emotional stability, and personal maturity. 

Other aspects 

All employees are expected to do whatever is necessary to make Epoch Residential successful. This could include working at “sister properties”, helping to set up corporate apartments, spot cleaning apartments to refresh, or more. Epoch employees must follow requirements for training/development plans. This job description is not all-inclusive. Any addition or deletion of duties may be changed at any time by Epoch Residential Management. Receipt or possession of this job description does not constitute a contract of employment.