Resources to Aid Multifamily Operators During Hurricane Season

Posted By: Robert Carroll (Member) Industry News,

It's hurricane season, and multifamily owners and managers have a unique challenge to provide information and support to residents as well as to protect property.

Here are some recommendations to consider when a hurricane or tropical storm threatens, gathered from apartment associations and management companies based on their experience. 

  • Monitor local media for weather conditions and emergency information. 
  • Obtain emergency contact numbers for residents, and be sure they know what number to call for community information.
  • Provide team members contact information for all team members and management contact person.
  • Ask residents to move furniture, plants, and other items from patios and balconies and place them indoors. 
  • Advise residents to fill bathtubs with water that can be used to flush toilets if necessary. Even residents who are evacuating may need water supplies upon their return.
  • Ask residents who are evacuating to remove perishable food from refrigerators, to avoid having to clean out spoiled food in the event of a lengthy power outage. 
  • Drain pools about two feet. Move pool furniture, trash cans, outdoor seating, etc., indoors. Remove items from stairwells and walkways.
  • Open property access gates that may become unoperational in the event of a power outage.

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