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Sean Bailey

Sean Bailey

Regional President Apartment Life

Professional Bio

Community is good for both people and business. Unfortunately, many apartment residents feel completely disconnected from their neighbors. So we help apartment owners and management companies care for residents by connecting them in relationships.

How? By creating meaningful interactions like onsite or virtual events, wellness and welcome visits and many more activities. This, in turn, helps improve the community's financial performance through online reputation, resident satisfaction, and resident retention. Changing business. Changing lives.

Parent Member

Apartment Life Apartment Life 5916 Malcross Dr
Orlando, FL 32812
(407) 557-6100
 NCFAA Logo Supplier: Silver Level

2017 & 2018 President of AAGO Foundation
Volunteer Work:
Hatching Hope, Servants Heart, AAGO Foundation Baord
Areas of Expertise
Resident Retention