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Telephone Techniques - Pro-Tips for Telephone Mastery

Telephone Techniques - Pro-Tips for Telephone Mastery

A Live Interactive Webinar from NCFAA

Thursday, June 10, 2021
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (EDT)

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Mastering the phone call is one of the most effective things you can do to convert prospects to residents. 
But let's be honest. Sometimes you don't want to talk to someone on the phone. Sometimes you'd rather your customer just visit your website, and apply for the apartment by themselves without EVER needing to talk to someone. Yet, studies tell us that 60% of customers still call businesses...including yours! Which means that regardless of how you feel about it, if you want to close more sales, you have to master the phone. 
Maybe you're someone who loves talking to prospects on the phone, but you're finding that communicating on the phone is more challenging than speaking to a customer in-person. The problem is you can have the right intentions, but if you don't have the right strategies, you won't have the kinds of phone calls that make it easier for you to lease apartments.
If you're ready to leverage the power of the phone to help you lease apartments (faster and more effectively) register today for the Pro-Tips for Telephone Mastery webinar. 
In this webinar you'll discover:
  • The three big mistakes you must avoid on the phone
  • The powerful Phone Traction model (which is your roadmap to guiding your customer through the phone conversation)
  • The simple hack that will give you control of the phone call (without being pushy or pushed over)
  • How to leverage the phone to boost the effectiveness of your (in-person, virtual or self-guided) tours
This webinar is perfect for all multifamily leasing professionals that want to lease more apartments! If this is you, register today!

Rommel Anacan (Roe-mel Ana-kin) is obsessed about helping people create relationships that increase their influence and impact. He brings this passion and energy to events of all types and he has helped people worldwide harness the power of human connection so that they can achieve the success they desire. 

Rommel has given keynotes and presented at world-class conferences nationally and internationally. He has spoken for leading companies and organizations such as Yardi Systems, Sabra Foods, Lincoln Military Housing, Fogelman Management, Bainbridge, Camden Property Trust, Flir Systems, IREM, Ellis Partners, Apartment SEO, Building Industry Association, Lincoln Property Company, Building Owners and Management Association, Atlantic-Pacific Companies, Bainbridge, Manufacturers and Food Service Industry, Pacific Coast Builders Conference, the National Apartment Association and many more.

Prior to founding his company, The Relationship Difference, in 2011, Rommel had a successful career in the multifamily housing industry. He worked at all levels of the industry from on-site to corporate and developed a reputation for solving common industry challenges in uncommon ways. 

In 2017 Rommel became a member of the famed Apartment All-Stars team. 

Learn more about Rommel at

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