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November Membership Lunch

November Membership Lunch

Speaker: Bill Nye, Ph.D.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019
12:00 PM - 1:15 PM (EST)

Gainesville Alachua County Assoc. of Realtors

1750 Northwest 80 Boulevard
Gainesville, FL 32606-9177
United States

Event Details

 Lunch Session: 12 PM - 1:15 PM

Intentional Culture:

Culture is the most important part of any team because it drives everything. Culture drives standards, performance, behavior and results. Every team has a culture but,
is it intentional or one that simply grew on its own? Culture should always be intentional but, there are two types of intentional cultures. We will look at the benefits of both and how to build the culture that is best for your team and your organization. You can’t afford to miss this session. It will have a lasting impact on your career. 
About Our Speaker:
You spend time, energy and money on programs that are meant to motivate and educate your team. The goal is to increase productivity and employee retention in order to improve your bottom line. Bill Nye, Ph.D., understands this as well as anyone. He combines his experience in management, leadership, military experience and education to offer training that is effective and pertinent. Bill will be identified by the audience as someone that knows what he is talking about and can relate to their challenges and concerns. Soon, walls will come down and the audience will open their hearts and minds to a message that is based on truth and practicality. Bill will skillfully change the way the audience views life, family and responsibility and bring about change that is positive and lasting. You will laugh, cry and dream as you sit through the presentation. This is solutions-based training at its very best.
"Bill gave the most entertaining as well as motivating seminar at our Annual Conference. His ability to energize our Management Team was amazing."
-Anne-Marie Niklaus, CPM 
Regional Vice President, Madison Apartment Group

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Robert Carroll (Member)
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