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Leadership, Management & Professional Development Training

Leadership, Management & Professional Development Training

Instructor: Jason Stoughton - A John C. Maxwell Certified Instructor

Wednesday, March 20, 2019
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM (EDT)

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Session I: 9:00 AM - 10:30 PM

Session II: 10:30 PM - 12 PM

Lunch Session: 12 PM - 1 PM

BECOMING A CONNECTING MANAGER: Going From Communicating to Connecting for Results!

Everything we do do sends a message. How we communicate matters. How our communication is received matters. This is often the most overlooked KPI in management today, and likely one of the most costly. Everyone speaks, some communicate, few ever connect. 

If you want to lead & manage successfully, you must learn how to connect with others for results. And while it may seem like some folks are just born with it, the fact is anyone can learn how to make every communication an opportunity for a powerful connection. In this two-part workshop I share five principles and five practices proven to develop the crucial skills & improve the attitude of connecting with employees, residents, supervisors, supplier partners, etc. for better results. 

Most people don’t give any thought whatsoever to developing their ability to connect with people. Either because they don’t see it as a skill... or they don’t see it as important. You will walk away from this workshop equipped to make every communication opportunity an impactful one that compounds your influence, effectiveness, performance and overall management results!

LUNCH SESSION: HOW TO BE A  R-E-A-L  SUCCESS: Relationships - Equipping - Attitude - Leadership 

In a team setting, attitude always plays a role. Rotten attitudes can wreck a team, whereas positive attitudes can make even a team with average talent accomplish amazing things. As a leader, your responsibility is to set the tone for the team’s overall attitude by staying positive, persevering during hard times, and believing the best about each person.

On March 20th, we will discuss:

• How Attitude Impacts Leadership

• How Attitude Impacts an a Individual 

• What Shapes Our Attitude• Can Our Attitude be Changed?

• Can Obstacles Enhance Our Attitude?

• What is Failure?• What is Success?

• How Can We Keep Climbing?


About Jason Stoughton, CHBC, CAS 

National Account Executive, BG MULTIFAMILY & Executive Director w/ The John Maxwell Team

 Jason is the National Account Executive for BG Multifamily, the nation’s leading personnel and staffing firm dedicated exclusively to the Multifamily industry. He is also Certified in Human Behavior and serves as an Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team -- teaching leadership practices and principles locally and internationally.Jason brings over 20 years of proven sales, management and leadership experience from both for-profit and non-profit sectors. Aside from serving the Multifamily industry, Jason is passionate & proven in helping individuals find their purpose, live victoriously and helping teams become more effective. 

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