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Kitchen Appliance Repair Class -  Ocala

Kitchen Appliance Repair Class - Ocala

Sponsored by HD Supply

Tuesday, February 27, 2018
8:30 AM - 11:30 AM (EST)

Event Details

Kitchen Appliance Repair (Short Version)

This 3-hour class is an introduction and overview of the appliances found in a typical residential kitchen: range (gas or electric), dishwasher, and garbage disposer, (not including the Refrigerator – which is a separate class).

The course will review the mechanical and electrical components, operations, cycles, functions, and general troubleshooting of each of the listed appliances. Typical design and installation principles, and a review of how to read wiring diagrams
will be a focus of this class.


Topics covered in this class will include:
• Electrical safety and Lock-out / Tag-out
• Push-in type Range / Oven appliance (gas or electric)
• The built-in Dishwasher – plumbing and installation
• Sink installed garbage disposer – plumbing and replacement
• Operating cycles – all appliances
• Common repairs – all appliances
• Reading a typical wiring diagram
• Preventative maintenance – all appliances
• Troubleshooting – tools / process / techniques

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Robert  Carroll (Member)
Robert Carroll (Member)
CNPR Association Executive NCFAA (352)333-0333