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Fair Housing Workshop

Fair Housing Workshop

Speaker: Doug Chasick
"That Fair Housing Guy"

Thursday, June 6, 2024
3:00 PM - 5:30 PM (EDT)

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Let's put aside - for a few moments at least - what to say and what not to say and what to do and what not do. Instead, let's focus on how to "be" and then work out the "say" and "do"!  We'll review protected classes, and how to manage our words and actions and we'll review industry best practices, particularly with regard to today's hot issues: Disability accommodations and modifications, service animals and pets, handicap vs. accessible parking spaces, and we'll have some time to respond to your specific questions. 

*Registering for this Fair Housing pre-trade show learning session automatically registers you to attend the trade show. There's no additional charge and no need to register twice.*
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Speaker: Doug Chasick, CPM®, CAPS, CAS, Adv. RAM,CLP,SLE,CDEI

Lead Instructor, NAAEI Faculty 
Certified Synchronous Learning Expert
Certified Distance Education Instructor
Licensed Real Estate Broker: Florida & Georgia
Licensed Fair Housing Expert Instructor: Virginia


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Robert Carroll (Member)
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