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Community Cup Challenge II

Community Cup Challenge II

Saturday, February 2, 2019
8:30 AM - 3:00 PM (EST)

Event Details

Is your team/community up to the challenge?
Would you like to compete in a fun, team-building event to raise money  
for families, within our community, that are in need of housing?
Compete to win the NCFAA's "Community Cup"!
Communities/Companies will register their teams to compete in 6 competitive events for the opportunity to win the NCFAA "Community Cup"!
Sponsorships Available!

Cost: $175 per team
*Minimum of 6 players per team required*
*Max of 2 immediate family members of eligible players allowed per team*
Event Sponsorship: $200
Sponsoring company representative will be randomly placed on a property management team. Additional opportunity to serve as a judge. Company logo will be included in event marketing materials and displayed on a banner at event.
Refreshment Station Sponsor: $100
Provide drinks/snacks for attendees. Station named after sponsoring company.
*Below are a list of our events from 2018. The 2019 events will have some modifications.*
1) "Are you ready for some football?" (A pass and catch competition)
2) "You can't see me!" 
( A team basketball shooting competition)
3) "Can you dig it?" (A team Volleyball event)
4) "I kicked a ball and I liked it"
( A team kickball tournament)
5) "Nothin' but Hole!" (A team Cornhole competition)
6) "Outwit, Outlast, Outplay" (A Team Obstacle Course)


Refreshment Station Sponsor:

Register your team today!

Event Charity:
                          Family Promise of Gainesville

Why donate to Family Promise?
  • Cost effective: $3 in-kind is raised for every $1 of direct donations
  • Successful:  In the last three years, an average of 91% of all Gainesville guests left with increased income, or stable housing, or both.  Success means these families stay stably housed for at least one year after graduation.
  • Community-centered: Providing over 10,000 meals and over 4,000 shelter nights in Gainesville each year.
A Journey of Hope

For More Information:

Robert  Carroll (Member)
Robert Carroll (Member)
CNPR Association Executive NCFAA (352)333-0333