Maintenance Mania IV "Rise of the Champions"

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Maintenance Mania IV "Rise of the Champions"

Thank you to our attendees, participants, sponsors, volunteers, judges and everyone who came to Maintenance Mania IV!


A huge congratulations goes to all of our winners listed below.

Overall Winners

1st: Neil Morrison, GREMCO

2nd: William Fussell, Preiss Co.

3rd: Jesse Spencer, Royal American

4th: Andrew Miranda, Emmer

5th: Jordan Jabbar, Emmer

6th: Steven Garcia, GREMCO

CFG Faucet Installation

1st: Jordan Jabbar, Emmer

2nd: William Fussell, Preiss Company

3rd: Steven Garcia, GREMCO

Kwikset Key Control Deadbolt Test

1st: Neil Morrison, GREMCO

2nd: Jesse Spencer, Royal American

3rd: William Fussell, Preiss Company

Seasons Ceiling Fan Installation

1st: Jordan Jabbar, Emmer

2nd: William Fussell, Preiss Company

3rd: Jesse Spencer, Royal American

Motorola Race Car Competition

1st: Rick Windenburg, Capstone

2nd: Dustin Rozar, Trimark

3rd: Jorge Morales, The Bainbridge Co

Kidde Fire & Carbon Monoside Safety Installation

1st: Jesse Spencer, Royal American

2nd: Neil Morrison, GREMCO

3rd: Shane Schuler, Preiss Company

AO Smith Water Heater Installation

1st: Neil Morrison, GREMCO

2nd: William Fussell, Preiss Company

3rd: Lucas Chase, Towne Parc

Fluidmaster Duo Flush Toilet Conversion

1st: Neil Morrison, GREMCO

2nd: Fabio Echeverry, Trimark

3rd: William Fusseull, Preiss Company

Frigidaire Ice Maker Installation

1st: William Fussell, Preiss Company

2nd: Neil Morrison, GREMCO

3rd: Andrew Miranda, Emmer

Best in Show - Race Car

Hernan Correa, Contemporary Management

Judges & Volunteers

Thank you for all of your help, judges and volunteers!

Shelley Dehne - BG Staffing
Amanda Bednar - BG Staffing
Eimy Perez - GREMCO
Rhonda Hayden - The Collier Companies
Fernando Sanchez - GATOR NET
Phillip Pattishall - ARD Distributors
Merle Amundson - Sunshine Plumbing and Gas
Nate Bazinet - Sunshine Plumbing and Gas
Jorge Villalobos - The Best Restoration
Todd Hurlburt - The Best Restoration
Margo Tomlinson - Nalbandian Properties
Rennie Thomas - Ultimate Towing
Chris Livingston - Perry Roofing
Patrick Carbery - First Place Fitness
Rich Myers - HD Supply
Loren Kivo - ARD Distributors
Joe Wiek
Rachel Hulst

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