Maintenance DIY: Caulk - The Finishing Touch

Posted By: Miranda Crittenden Industry News,

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Q: I have just finished a rehab on my rental unit including painting, fixtures, wall plates, ceiling pot lights, etc.  The place looks great. But it still looks unfinished, and I can’t put my finger on it. Any help with finishing touches? 

A: Caulk is your friend! If you look at the fixtures, wall plates, ceiling pot lights and anything else making contact with the walls and ceiling, you will notice a gap between the item and the wall. The gap is normally small and easy to miss; however, it does create a dark line where the item meets the drywall. We use the painter’s caulk that comes in squeeze tubes. The squeeze tubes are easy to handle and it’s best to cut a small, diagonal opening at the end of the tube. Run a small bead of caulk along the fixture, wall plate, etc. and fill the gap until the dark line is hidden. Run your finger or a damp rag along the bead to remove any excess caulk. This process works well where countertops meet a wall and along base boards or coving. It even works if you have a large gap to fill. It will take the eye away from the dark gap. 


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