Community Manager position for New Ocala Community

Posted By: Robert Carroll (Member) Job Board,

Community Manager position for Pointe Grand Apartments


Ocala, Florida


Salary $55,000 to $60,000


Lease up experience highly recommended



Duties and Responsibilities


 Maintain an average of no more than 2% bad debt by the end of each accounting month‐end.

 Oversee all aspects of leasing procedures to meet/exceed the budget established for the property by meeting occupancy and rental rate goals. Focus on Lease up goals and report daily and weekly conference calls

 Report payroll, bonuses, and commissions accurately and timely, including proactively monitoring and managing overtime.

 Promptly collect and post all revenue when necessary.

 Follow up with any delinquent accounts, pursue collections and initiate any necessary eviction proceedings according to established procedures.

 Responsible for the management and collection efforts related to previous resident balances adhering to company policy and procedure.

 Inspect units during move-in and move-out, ensuring that the appropriate deductions are taken from security deposits. Complete Final Account Statements according to established procedures.

 Assess and post all charges associated with service requests, late charges, etc. and generate notices to the residents for such charges.

 Appropriately monitor and utilize the property's petty cash fund.


General Administrative / Office:

 Serve as a positive representative of the property, vendors, and residents at all times.

 Conduct weekly team meetings to promote collaboration and teamwork and to ensure the entire team stays well informed of current projects and priorities.

 Maintain a professional image and positive attitude and adhere to dress code and uniform requirements. Ensure all employees are doing the same.

 Communicate frequently with the Director of Operations and Director of Asset Manager on vital needs of the community.

 Enforce Lease and other government rules and regulations, including Fair Housing laws, building safety, health codes, and local ordinances.

 Ensure all reports are completed on time and accurately.

 Confirm that all work is inputted into the software system in a timely manner.

 Maintain the property's business/ leasing office neat, orderly, and businesslike at all times with regularly scheduled office hours per established procedures.

 Use all company equipment in a responsible manner and in accordance with its operational guidelines.

 Attend scheduled management meetings and complete all required training.

 Report all liability and property incidents to the corporate office immediately. Ensure that all workers' compensation claims are reported and proper paperwork is completed.

 Complete any pertinent safety checklists and/or inspections.



Management, Recruiting, and Employee Development:

 Interview and screen potential on‐site employees and make hiring recommendations as needed. When vacant employment positions exist, it is of utmost importance for this process to happen quickly so as not to affect operations.

 Interpret and apply personnel policies, departmental policies, and other relevant policies and procedures.

 Review time and attendance reports of assigned employees.

 Evaluate employee performance, prepare, and review performance appraisals, and discuss with employees as appropriate, including terminations, when necessary.

 Train and motivate employees by communicating company philosophy, policies, and procedures.

 Conduct orientation for employees, encourage continued education, and ensure training requirements are met.

 Achieve a high level of employee retention by motivating employees, promoting teamwork, and empowering team members to achieve a common goal.


Customer Service, Leasing, and Marketing:

 Maintain an average closing ratio of 30% or greater and ensure the leasing team achieves the same goal.

 Maintain no less than an average of 80% on employee shopping reports and ensure the leasing team achieves the same goal.

 Meet and exceed budgeted occupancy goals for the property by showing vacant apartments utilizing professional leasing procedures and maintaining a high level of continued occupancy by leasing apartments in a timely manner and in accordance with YieldStar rates.

 Ensure that all amenities, clubhouse, leasing office, and "show units" are inspected daily to ensure a ready and quality product and presentation for our customers. Personally, inspect these areas on a weekly basis to ensure company standard is adhered to.

 Post ads and/or ensure ads are being posted to Craigslist via Marketing Center no less than three times per business day and in accordance with established procedures.

 Monitor all social media and respond to all reviews according to company policy.

 Review all advertising sources, including the property website, on a weekly basis and immediately resolve any discrepancies or areas for improvement.

 Write rental advertisements when necessary, obtain prices, and place advertisements (with Director approval) in the appropriate publications for the best exposure for the community.

 Conduct market surveys monthly and provide trend reports. Shop competition and be aware of neighborhood market conditions.

 Management leads are followed up with according to company policy.

 Answer all incoming telephone calls promptly, energetically, and professionally; strive to assist the customer independently.

 Always stand and greet all walk‐in customers with an energetic and friendly attitude.


 Ensure that all postings within the community are branded and professionally displayed (no taped