City of Gainesville Towing Requirements and Information

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Thank you to all that attended our meeting yesterday at GPD regarding towing in Gainesville. As a follow-up to our meeting we wanted to share with you a few highlights as well as include copies of the information that we received so that you could read through it in its entirety.

A few important items to remember:
  • Invoice numbers must be included when making renewal payments. We were communicated with that if a renewal payment is submitted without an invoice attached or an invoice number that the payment will not be accepted. This will put you at risk of your towing agreement expiring leaving you unable to conduct legal tows.
  • All invoices will be sent out 30 days prior to expiration.
  • Towing agreements can be for one year or multiple years and is at the discretion of the apartment owner or management company.
  • Any change in apartment ownership requires a new towing agreement and the existing agreement will be void at the time the change takes place.
  • The administrative fees can only be paid by the property owner or authorized representative. The tow company cannot pay the fee, nor can the property owner pay the fee to the tow company and then the tow company transfer the payment to the city.
Please see the link below for complete details of the information from yesterday's meeting.


Robert Carroll
Executive Director
North Central Florida Apartment Assoc.