Assistant Manager Opportunity!

Posted By: Robert Carroll (Member) Job Board,

This position is responsible for the accounting or bookkeeping function of the community.  This integral position generally serves as the second ranking MAA associate working on the property and works under the supervision of the Community Leader.   The Support Manager job duties are primarily those of an accounting and collections nature.  Additional responsibilities would be collecting rental and other community income from residents, recording the income in the MRI system that transmits to the corporate office and performing recently vacated apartment home inspections.

Job requirements:

  *   Skilled in basic bookkeeping and accounting practices. Knowledge or property management business procedures.

  *   Effective verbal and written communication skills.

  *   Ability to read and understanding resident ledgers.

  *   Computer skills and software knowledge preferable MRI.

  *   High School Diploma.

  *   One year experience in customer service with significatnt bookkeeping and or financial responsiblity OR 1 year industry experience such as: leasing, bookkeeping, etc.

  *   Functional knowledge of common computer application programs.

  *   Criminal background check, pre-employement drug screening and an employment verification process.

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